Almond House Orange Bites

Almond House Orange Bites


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Orange bites from Almond House is a beautiful sweet. Each sweet comes in a separate wrap and can be served on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Holi, Diwali or Raksha Bandhan.


Orange bites from Almond House are more than just sweets. These are combination of the nutty flavour of dry fruits, grainy texture of pistachios and the freshness of cardamom.

Cashew, Pistachios, Roasted Almonds, Sugar, Clarified Butter, Cardamom, Permitted Flavouring


Almond House is trying to bring a modern look to traditional sweets. The orange bites from this Hyderabad sweet maker are so special because of the following reasons.

• The sweets come with a shelf life of 10 days.
• The sweets are made with good quality pistachios.
• As the sweets are made with permitted food colour, there is no scope of health issues.
• As each sweet is available in a separate wrap so it is the right snacks to be carried on road trips.


The orange bites from Almond House remain fresh and fine for a long time span when the following tips are followed.

• Store the sweets in an airtight container.
• Refrigerate the sweets after opening the packet.

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