Anoo'S Natural Herbal Henna


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Anoo'S Natural Herbal Henna 100 Gm

Anoo'S Natural Herbal Henna Is An Ayurvedic Formulation. This Is A Chemical-Free Option To Eliminate Grey Hair.

Form: Powder

Suitable For: Adults

Type: Natural Coloring Agent

Gender: Both Men And Women

Package Content: 100Gm In An Airtight Sachet

Ingredients :

Anoo'S Natural Herbal Henna Is Made With Pure Henna. It Is Also Called Madayantika.

Benefits :

Anoo'S Natural Herbal Henna Comes With Anti-Fungal And Anti-Bacterial Properties. This Natural Hair Pack Can Help The User In The Following Ways.

  • Prevents Hair Fall
  • Soothes The Scalp
  • Reduces Dandruff
  • Ensures Thick Hair
  • Minimizes Split Ends
  • Strengthens The Hair Roots
  • Prevents Dry And Frizzy Hair
  • Controls Premature Greying Of Hair
  • Conditions And Adds Shine To The Hair
  • Turns Gray Hair Into Beautiful Dark Red Color
  • Ensures Perfect Ph The Balance On The Hair And Scalp

Features :

Anoo'S Was Established In 1982. Anoos Natural Herbal Henna Is Well-Known Across South India. It Is

  • Skin-Friendly
  • Made With The Best Quality Henna Leaves
  • Not Known To Have Harmful Effects On Hair
  • Can Be Pre-Mixed And Refrigerated For 2-3 Months

Direction To Use :

Anoo'S Natural Herbal Henna Can Be Used As A Hair Pack. Generally, The Below Steps Are Followed To Use This Hair Pack.

  • Mix Beetroot Juice With The Hair Pack To Improve The Hair Texture
  • Take 1 Big Beetroot To Mix With 100 Grams Of The Hair Pack Powder
  • Blend The Beetroot To Extract The Juice And Mix It With The Powder
  • Create A Perfect Batter Like Consistency And Apply On The Hair
  • Cover The Hair For 1-2 Hours With A Shower Cap
  • Wash Your Hair With A Mild Shampoo And Then Condition It After Using The Hair Pack
  • Anoo’S Tryko Herbal Shampoo Should Be Used For Best Results
  • To Remove The Leftover Henna From The Hair, Use A Z-Comb.
  • Schedule To Use Anoo'S Natural Herbal Henna :
  • Use Once A Month For Black Hair
  • Use Every 15 Days For Partial Grey Hair
  • Use Once A Week For Complete Grey Hair
  • Use Every 10 Days For Moderate Grey Hair

Tips :

Anoo'S Natural Herbal Henna Stays Useful For Long If The Below Tips Are Followed.
The Pre-Mixed Mixture Should Be Stored In A Plastic Box And Refrigerated For Long Use

Warning :

  • Keep Away From Children

Note: The Product Is Guaranteed To Be 100% Genuine. Product Images Are For Illustrative Purposes Only. Images/Packaging/ Labels May Vary From Time To Time Due To Changes Made By The Manufacturer'S Manufacturing Batch And Location. The Product Description Is For Information Purposes Only And May Contain Additional Ingredients.

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