Baps Amrut Dhosa Instant Mix


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Baps Amrut Dhosa Instant Mix

Baps Amrut Dhosa Method of preparation:

Take the entire contents and mix with 700 ml of water. Stir properly and leave the batter for 15 minutes. Before starting to prepare dosa, stir the batter thoroughly. Heat a non-stick frying pan and once heated, clean with oil and a wet cloth. Pour a small quantity of batter onto the frying pan and spread to make a dosa. After making each dosa, clean non stick frying pan with a wet cloth and apply oil. The prepared dosa can be filled with masala prepared from potato or banana to make it tastier. Serve the prepared dosa hot with coconut chatni and sambhar. To make tasty sambhar, insist always on using BAPS Amrut Sambhar masala.

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