Bengal Gram Chekkalu / Pappu Chekkalu


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Bengal Gram Chekkalu / Pappu Chekkalu:

Another Speciality From Andhra, Pappu Garelu Is A Kind Of Lentil Fritters Or Masala Vada. These Deep-Fried Indian Snacks Are An Ideal Companion On A Cool Or Rainy Evening, Accompanied By A Steaming Hot Cup Of Tea Or Coffee.


This Packet Of Pappu Garelu Brings You The Taste Of India As It Is Made Following The Traditional Recipe And Comprises High-Quality Ingredients Which Include

€¢ Oil

€¢ Salt

€¢ Onions

€¢ Chana Dal

€¢ Rice Flour

€¢ Fennel Seeds

€¢ Curry Leaves

€¢ Green Chillies

€¢ Coriander Leaves

€¢ Red Chilli Powder

€¢ Fresh Coriander Leaves


This Packet Of Pappu Garelu Is A Way To Savour Tasty And Healthy Indian Snacks, While On The Road Or At Home. It Is

€¢ Available In Both Small, Medium And Large Packets Of 500G, 1Kg And 2Kg.

€¢ Though Crispy On The Outside, This Recipe Makes The Inside Of Pappu Garelu Soft, Which Easily Melts In The Mouth.


€¢ Serve It As A Starter, Snacks Or A Side Dish To The Main Course Meal.

€¢ Serve It With A Spicy Chilly Chutney Or Sweet And Tangy Sauce Toâ Increase Its Taste.

€¢ To Give Pappu Garelu A Perfect Andhra Taste, Serve It With Sambar And Coconut Chutney.  

€¢ Keep The Pappu Garelu Sealed Or In An Airtight Container To Retain Its Crispiness For A Long Time.

So Now Enjoy The Drizzles With These Yummy Indian Snacks Without Getting Into Any Hassle Of Preparation.

 Shelf Life: 30 Days


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