Himalaya Herbals - Geriforte Tablets


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Himalaya Herbals - Geriforte Tablets

Geriforte tablets from Himalaya is an all- natural supplement. It is made with

• Ela
• Musali
• Kasani
• Arjuna
• Vasaka
• Jhavuka
• Haritaki
• Yawani
• Haridra
• Shatavari
• Kasamarda
• Kakamachi
• Daruharidra
• Makardhwaj
• Biranjasipha
• Udakiryaka
• Kapikachchu
• Jatiphalam
• Pippali
• Jaatipatree
• Bhringaraja
• Vriddadaru
• Mandukaparni
• Yashti- madhu
• Himsra extracts
• Pdrs. Ashvagandha
• Abhrak Bhasma
• Jasad Bhasma
• Kumkuma
• Mandur Bhasma
• Lavanga
• Jyothishmati
• Loh Bhasma
• Chyavanprash concentrate

Himalaya is in the market of health and beauty products since 1930. Himalaya Herbals Geriforte is characterized by the following properties.

• Made with 100% vegetarian ingredients.
• Is not known to have any negative effects on the body.
• Available in an airtight container which keeps the supplement safe from moisture.

The Himalaya Geriforte tablets should be taken only when prescribed by the doctor. The supplement is usually taken in the following ways.

• 2 tablets in a day.
• Taken either with warm water or milk.
• 45 minutes before meal or 2 hours after the meal.

To get the best out of the supplement, follow the below tips.

• Store at a cool and dry place; away from direct sunlight.
• People who are not comfortable taking tablets can try out the Himalaya Herbals Geriforte syrup.

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