Jalani Nimbu Pani - (100G X 3)


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Jalani Nimbu Pani Mix Drink:

Jalani Nimbu Pani Is Popularly Known As Lemonade. This Is A Refreshing Drink Which Can Be Taken Every Day. So Whenever You Have A Get Together Or Party, Serve This Drink Is Just A Minute.

Form: Powder

Weight:  300G

Type: Instant Nimbu Pani

Ingredients :

Jalani Nimbu Pani Is Made Withâ 

€¢ Salt

€¢ Sugar

€¢ Black Saltâ 

€¢ Real Lemons

€¢ Black Pepper

€¢ Preservatives

Health Benefits :

Jalani Nimbu Pani Is A Total Savior During The Sweltering Summers. This Lemon Juiceâ 

€¢ Is Known To Keep The Body Hydrated And Rejuvenated Throughout The Day.

€¢ Is Known To Contain Vitamin C, Iron, And Calcium.

€¢ Per 100Ml Of The Drink Contains 274 Kcal.

Features :

Jalani Is A Well-Known Brand In The Market Of Food Products. Jalani Nimbu Paniâ 

€¢ Comes With A Shelf Life Of 12 Months.

€¢ Is Considered As Good As Homemade Lemon Juice.

€¢ Available In Small, Travel-Friendly Pouches.

Direction To Use :

Jalani Nimbu Pani Is Very Simple To Use. You Just Need To Mix The Powder In Water And Drink.

€¢ Mix 5Gm Powder In 180Ml Of Cool Water.

€¢ Have It Right Before Going Out To Stay Hydrated.

Tips :

Jalani Nimbu Pani Can Be Put To Best Use By Following The Below Tips.

€¢ Keep At A Cool And Dry Place.

€¢ Add Soda With Nimbu Panic To Make A Fizzy Drink. 

€¢ After Unsealing The Pack, Keep The Content In An Airtight Container.

Disclaimer:The Product Is Guaranteed To Be 100% Genuine. Product Images Are For Illustrative Purposes Only. Images/Packaging/ Labels May Vary From Time To Time Due To Changes Made By The Manufacturer'S Manufacturing Batch And Location. The Product Description Is For Information Purposes Only And May Contain Additional Ingredients

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