Mithaiwala Pepper Kaju


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Mithaiwala Pepper Kaju

Want Some Salty And Peppery Snacks Or Appetiser? Get A Pack Of Pepper Kaju From Mithaiwala.


As You Pop These Crispy And Crunchy Snacks Into Your Mouth, A Mixed Taste Of Pepper, Salt And Assorted Cashew Lingers In Your Mouth. These Are Made From

€¢ Salt

€¢ Cloves

€¢ Cumin Seeds

€¢ Fennel Seeds

€¢ Black Pepper

€¢ Coriander Seeds

€¢ Dried Red Chillies

€¢ Unsalted Cashew Nuts

€¢ Sunflower Or Peanut Oil


Mithaiwala Pepper Kaju Is Lip-Smacking And Healthy As

€¢ Best Quality Cashew Nuts Are Picked For The Purpose

€¢ Fresh Nuts Are Used So That The Preparation Is Crispy And Crunchy

€¢ Before Delivery, The Fried Nuts Are Tossed On A Paper Towel So That The Additional Oil Is Removed.

So Offer Some Buttery, Spicy And Salty Flavour To Your Taste Buds On An Ideal Evening With A Plate Full Of Light Pepper Kaju.

Shelf Life: 30 Days

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