Modicare Fruit Of The Earth 100% Pure Instant Coffee


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Modicare Fruit Of The Earth 100% Pure Instant Coffee

100% Pure Instant Coffee Is Processed From Carefully Selected Arabica And Robusta Beans. Blended To Perfection For Complete Satisfaction. Arabica Beans Have A Delicate Flavour And Balanced Aroma Coupled With A Sharp And Sweet Taste. Robusta Blends Have Twice The Level Of Caffeine Compared To Arabica And Are Known For Their Strong Taste.

Directions Of Use:
  • Mix 2 Teaspoons Of Instant Coffee With 1„2 Cup (120 Ml) Of Hot Water.
  • Heat The Water In The Microwave For 30 Seconds To 1 Minute.
  • Stir The Coffee And Hot Water Together Until The Coffee Granules Are Dissolved.
  • Mix Your Coffee In The Glass You Want To Drink From Or In A Separate Cup.
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