Nourish Organics Pro Protein Bundle


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Nourish Organics Pro Protein Bundleâ 

Bundle Includes:
Cocoa Crunch Granola 300 Gm

Lime Chia Bar 6 Pcs
Omega Seed Mix 150 Gm

Find Your Perfect Protein Bundle For The Post-Workout Sessions. Pro Protein Bundle Includes Cocoa Crunch Granola, Lime Chia Bar And Omega Seed Mix. Cocoa Crunch Granola - A Hearty Mix Of Whole Grains Like Amaranth, Millets, And Quinoa, This Granola Also Contains Whole Nuts And Organic Cacao Nibs. High In Protein, Rich In Fibre And Full Of Antioxidants, This Granola Is The Perfect Way To Add Some Crunch To Your Munch, From Breakfast, Teatime And Beyond. Lime Chia Bar - Crafted With Protein-Packed Chia Seeds, Crunchy Organic Almonds, Deliciously Fibrous Dates, And Vitamin C-Enriched Lemon Juice, There’S No Bar To The Refreshment Of These Handy Healthy Bars. Omega Seed Mix - A Hearty Combination Of Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Peanuts, And Sesame Seeds— All (You Guessed It!) Omega-Rich Foods.Great At Reducing Inflammation, Fighting The Risk Of Heart Disease, And Boosting Liver-Health, Making Omega-3 Fatty Acids Well-Rounded, Overachieving Superfoods! 

Ingredients :

Cocoa Crunch Granola

Oats(24%),Millets(10%),Organic Sesame Seeds(9%),Organic Honey(8%),Quinoa(8%),Organic Amaranth (5%),Organic Cashew(5%),Rice Bran Oil (5%),Cranberry(5%),Pumpkin Seed,Organic Almond(4%),Organic Walnut(4%),Vanilla,Cocoa Solid,Organic Cocoa Nibs(1%),Salt, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Lime Chia Barâ 

Dates (58%), Desiccated Coconut Powder (17.5%), Organic Almonds (12%), Organic Cashew Nuts (10%), Lemon Juice (1.5%), Chia Seeds (0.5%) And Citric Acid

Omega Seed Mix

Organic Sunflower Seeds (45%), Pumpkin Seeds (15%), Buckwheat (10%), Organic Peanuts (10%), Sesame Seeds (10%), Organic Flaxseeds (5%), Soy Sauce (5%)

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