Nutraj Raisins - Kishmish


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Nutraj brings to you a range of premium dry fruits.

Key Features
- 100% Natural Raisins: The highest quality kismish that is round and green with a lovely taste.
- Premium Packaging: Nutraj raisins pack re-sealable pouch to retain its taste and goodness.
- Soft and Flavourful: Premium packaging retains a sweet fruity taste and soft chewy texture.
- Premium Kishmish Quality: Assured Raisins' best quality.
- Rich in Nutrients: Raisins are high in potassium, fibre and antioxidants.
- It improves the immune system and blood sugar levels, decreases inflammation and lowers your B.P.
- Rich in fibre: Raisins are rich in fibre, therefore, helps in detoxification & digestion.
- Zero added sugar: A healthier alternative to sugar-rich candies and sweet products.

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