Organic India Tulsi Tummy 25 Tea Bags
Organic India Tulsi Tummy 25 Tea Bags
Organic India Tulsi Tummy 25 Tea Bags
Organic India Tulsi Tummy 25 Tea Bags

Organic India Tulsi Tummy 25 Tea Bags


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Organic India Tulsi Tummy 25 Tea Bags

Improves Digestive Power, Soothing and Relaxing, 100% Herbal

Organic India Tulsi Tummy is a classic Ayurvedic formulation. This tea is a perfect combination of health and taste. A piping hot cup of tulsi tea can keep the user refreshed and revitalized for long hours.

Form: Powder

Type: Beverage

Gender: Both men and women

Suitable for: Both young and adults

Package content: 25 infusion teabags


Organic India Tulsi Tummy tea is an herbal tea form. There are delicious and effective herbs used to prepare this tea.

Each infusion bag contains approximately 1.8gm of tea. This includes

  • Ginger- 0.69gm
  • Cinnamon- 0.41gm
  • Vana tulsi- 0.19gm
  • Rama tulsi- 0.19gm
  • Peppermint- 0.02gm
  • Krishna tulsi- 0.19gm
  • Natural mint flavor- 0.04gm
  • Licorice root (Mulethi)- 0.07gm


Organic India Tulsi Tummy is rich in antioxidants. This powerful adaptogen is known to benefit the user in the following ways.

  • Uplifts mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts energy
  • Builds stamina
  • Boosts digestion
  • Calms the nerves
  • Calms the stomach
  • Balances metabolism
  • Prevents free radicals
  • Slows down the ageing process
  • Strengthens the immunity system
  • Enables the natural detoxification process

Tulsi or Holy Basil is known for its healing properties. The plant is considered sacred in Indian culture. The leaves can combat cough and cold. It offers strong immunity to the body.


Organic India is a sister concern of Fab India. It is known for its 100% herbal wellness and beauty products. Organic India was founded in 2010. Since then it has been well- known for its high- quality products. Organic India Tulsi Tummy

  • Is Kosher
  • Is free from gluten
  • Is 100% vegetarian
  • Is free from caffeine
  • Is certified organic tea
  • Is not known to have any adverse effect on health
  • Comes with a long shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture
  • The teabags are staple free. These are made with biodegradable and unbleached fiber

Direction to use

Organic India Tulsi Tummy tea can be consumed just like any other beverage. Generally, the tea is prepared in the following ways.

  • Boil 350ml of water
  • Dip 1 teabag in the boiled water
  • Steep and cover the teapot for 3-5 minutes
  • Soak the teabag for more time to get more benefits of the herb
  • Have the tea before or after having food
  • To improve taste, natural sweetener can be added
  • Have 2-3 cups of the tea every day for effective results
  • Honey, lemon or sugar can be added to improve the taste
  • If preparing iced tea, add 2 teabags in the boiled water
  • Refrigerate the tea
  • Add crushed ice to the chilled tea
  • Garnish with chopped tulsi leaves


Organic India Tulsi Tummy tea is fresh and edible for long if the below tips are followed.

  • Store at a cool and dry place
  • Keep in the provided airtight box


  • Keep away from direct sunlight

Legal Disclaimer:Β Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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