Plain Sakinalu


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Plain Sakinalu

Another Amazing Snack Recipe For, Telangana, Plain Sakinalu Are Concentric Circles, Deep-Fried And Lip-Smacking. A Must-Have On Sankranthi, Plain Sakinalu Is One Of The Most Loved Traditional Snacks At Telangana And Andhra Pradesh.


Plain Sakinalu Is All-Natural Ingredients Indian Snacks. This Traditional South Indian Delicacy Is Made From

€¢ Oil

€¢ Salt

€¢ Raw Rice

€¢ Carom Seeds (Ajwain)

€¢ Sesame Seeds (Til)


Looking For A Quick South Indian Snacks To Serve The Guests Or At The Wedding? Get This Packet Of Plain Sakinalu, Filled-With-Goodness.

€¢ Handmade And Hence Preserves The Traditional Taste Of Telangana.

€¢ Perfectly Made And Are Medium-Sized, Making It Easy To Pack And Send Across As Gifts; Buyers Can Even Ask For Gift Packs With A Personalized Message.

€¢ Plain Sakinalu Are Available Already Fried And Thus Are Ready To Serve.

€¢ This Packet Comes With A Long Shelf Life Of A Month.


Increaseâ The Tempting Flavour Of Plain Sakinalu Following The Below Tips.

€¢ Munch The Sakinalu Dipped In Tomato Or Mango Pickle. 

€¢ The Sakinalu Should Be Stored In An Airtight Container To Maintain Crispness.

€¢ Ensure That The Container Is Completely Dry So That The Crunchy Taste Is Not Spoiled.

Sending Plain Sakinalu To The Groom’S Family Is A Mandatory Ritual At Telangana Weddings. This Packet Of Authentic Snacks Can Easily Relieve You Of The Strain Of Preparing It At Home, Without Compromising On The Taste.

 Shelf Life: 30 Daysâ 


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