Sita Incense Sticks - Forest Essentials
Sita Incense Sticks - Forest Essentials

Sita Incense Sticks - Forest Essentials

Forest-040-70 gm

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The aromatic properties extracted from petals, seeds, leaves, fruits, roots and bark have been skillfully blended to create this medium of incense sticks to help restore balance to the body, mind and spirit. The Sita Incense Sticks by Forest Essentials are hand rolled using fresh herbs, flower powders with Sandalwood paste and pure Cow's Ghee as binders.

The story of perfect purity - Our muse
Sita, also known as Janaki, is an incarnation of Lakshmi. She is the daughter of Janak, the king of Janakpur. Her name Janaki comes from her birthplace, Janaki Mandir, which is located at Janakpur in Nepal. She is the consort of Ram and a central character in the epic Ramayana in which she follows Ram in his 14 year exile from Ayodhya, during which she is abducted by the demon king of Lanka, Ravana. It is this act that leads to the battle where Ram kills Ravana and saves Sita. In India, Sita is the ultimate representation of feminine power and virtue.

It promotes relaxation and well-being.
These incense sticks are 100% natural air purifiers, which leaves a delicate scent and promotes a tranquil environment.
The incense sticks contains no carbon, synthetic fragrance or chemicals to enhance burning.
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