Soap Combo - The Fountain of Essence - Last Forest

Soap Combo - The Fountain of Essence - Last Forest


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Seeking a natural way to take care of your skin?  Look no further. Our long-lasting beeswax soap is an elegant addition to your bathroom. This combo contains

Pebbles Lavender Soap 50g -1

Pebbles Jasmine Soap 50g - 1

Pebbles Geranium Soap 50g -1

Pebbles Basil Soap 50g -1

Edge Lemongrass Soap 100g - 1

Edge Vanilla Soap 100g - 1

Edge Sandal Soap 100g -1


Indulge and nourish your skin with organic beeswax soap, hand made from beeswax straight from the hives of the Rock Bees. 

-Creates a protective barrier around the skin

-Keeps the skin moisturised

-Source of Vitamin A, which is beneficial in softening and re-hydrating the skin

-Possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits

-Longer lasting soap hardened by the properties of beeswax

*Disclaimer: Fragrances will vary.

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