Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashaya Gulika


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Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashaya Gulika, 100% Herbal, 100 Tablets

Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashaya Gulika is an Ayurvedic formulation. This herbal decoction is also known as Rasnadi Kwath. Traditionally, 

Form: Capsules

Ideal for: Adults

Type: Herbal supplement

Gender: Both men and women

Package content: 100 capsules in an airtight sachet


Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashaya Gulika is an all-natural decoction. It is made with the following medical herbs.

  • Ginger
  • Ativisha
  • Nut grass
  • Shatavari
  • Coriander
  • Dill seeds
  • Sweet flag
  • Punarnava
  • Myrobalan
  • Castor bean
  • Bloom weed
  • Black pepper
  • Indian beech
  • Long pepper
  • Lesser kurinji
  • Puncturevine
  • Indian ginseng
  • Greater galangal
  • Aromatic ginger
  • Himalayan cedar
  • Indian nightshade
  • Indian stinging nettle
  • Willow leaved justiciar
  • Heart-leaved moonseed


Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashaya Gulika may be useful in the following health issues.

  • Hip pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Bloating disease
  • Lower back pain
  • May also balance Vata dosha


Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala was founded in 1941. This Ayurvedic institute is located at Ollur, Kerala. Vaidyaratnam follows Kerala Ayurveda and Ashtavaidya Tradition to manufacture its products. Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashaya Gulika

  • Is 100% herbal
  • Is made with the best quality ingredients
  • Is not known to have negative effects on the user
  • Comes with a long shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture


Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashaya Gulika should be consumed after consulting an Ayurvedic physician. Generally, the below tips are followed to have the decoction.

  • Take 1-2 capsules per day
  • Have the decoction twice a day
  • Have the supplement before meals
  • The supplement is given along with one gram ginger, long pepper or castor oil
  • Take the supplement twice a day; preferably at about 6-7 am and then again at 6-7 pm


Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashaya Gulika stays fresh and usable for long if the below tips are followed.

  • Store at a cool and dry place
  • Keep in an airtight container after unsealing the sachet


  • Keep away from children
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Color of the product may vary depending on the processing season

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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