Puffed Rice Snack Or Maramaralu Mixture By Vellanki Foods

Puffed Rice Snack Or Maramaralu Mixture By Vellanki Foods

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Maramaralu Mixture, a zesty Indian puffed recipe, is a perfect light evening Indian snack suitable for weight watchers and ideal for any time of the day. Known by various names such as spicy puffed rice, murmura mixture, mamra chidva, or kara pori, this popular Indian snack boasts regional variations, though the fundamental process involves roasting puffed rice with a simple tempering of cumin, mustard seeds, and chilies.

Available in 500 gm/ 1 kg/ 2 kg


  • Puffed Rice(Maramaralu)
  • Gram Flour(Besan)
  • Salt
  • Chilli Powder
  • Peanuts
  • Sunflower Oil

Shelf Life: 10 Days

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