Zandu Aloe Vera And 5 Herbs Health Juice


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Zandu Aloe Vera and 5 Herbs Juice Health Juice 500 ml, 1 L

Zandu Aloe Vera plus 5 Herb Juice contains Yavani, Marica, Lavang, Sunthi, and Khajur along with Aloe Vera. Made with more than 100 years of Ayuvedic experience of Zandu, our ayurvedic juice aims at providing you with better immunity, skin, and liver health along with strengthened bones and digestive system. The herbal ingredients have anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties which will take you a step closer to better health.


Each 5 ml is prepared from Kanyasara (Aloe Vera) Aloe barbadensis Mill. Lf. Pulp & Juice 4.5316 mg, Nimbu Citrus limon (Linn.) Burm.f. Fr. Juice 0.084 mg, Seva (Apple) Pyrus malus Linn. Fr. Juice Concentrate 0.245 mg, Marica Piper nigrum Linn. Fr. Powder, Extract & Oleoresin 0.0117 mg, Yavani Trachyspermum ammi (Linn.) Sprague ex Turril Fr. Extract 0.0032 mg, Kharjura Phoenix dactylifera Linn. Drd. Fr. Powder 0.0084 mg, Samudranamak (Salt) 0.0255 mg, Extracts and Powders of Lavanga Syzygium aromaticum (Linn.) Merr. & M. Perry 0.0084 mg, Sunthi Zingiber officinale Roxb. Rz. 0.0069 mg, Svetajiraka Cuminum cyminum Linn. Fr. 0.0178 mg, Excipient used: Citric Acid 0.04 mg, Preservatives used: Sodium Benzoate 0.01mg, Potassium Sorbate 0.0075 mg

How to use:Β 

  • Mix 30ml of juice in a glass of water and consume 1-2 times a day before meals or as directed by a physician

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