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Almond House Pheni


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Almond House Pheni

Almond House Pheni is a raw ingredient that can be used to prepare kheer. It is a North Indian food product. Indians use this to prepare kheer during festivities like Karwa Chauth, Sankranthi, and Eid. Pheni originated from the Middle East or Central Asia.


Pheni from Almond House is a silky sweet food product. The recipe is to extrude and dry rice flour strands. Pheni is known as sevai in South India and vermicelli in English. It is made with

Refined Flour, Dalda


Almond House Pheni is a popular food product. It preserves the traditional taste of homemade Pheni or sevai. This is characterized by

β€’ 100% vegetarian.
β€’ Available in 250 grams packet.
β€’ Comes with a long shelf life of 30 days.


Pheni can stay fresh and tasty for a long time span by

β€’ Keeping in an airtight container.
β€’ No need of refrigerating the Pheni.


Pheni is a raw ingredient which can be used to prepare both sweet and salty dishes. A popular Pheni recipe is

β€’ Fry Pheni in vegetable oil and serve in milk. Mix it with sugar. Garnish the dish with slices of almonds and pistachios.

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