Godavari Vantillu Special Pappu Chegodi / Narayana Lanka Pappu Chegodilu


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Try Godavari Vantillu Special Pappu Chegodi/Narayana Lanka Pappu Chegodilu, an irresistible Indian snack that will tantalize your taste buds! This delightful snack is made from freshly-ground ingredients that will tantalise your senses. Its crunchiness and flavour bursts will take your snacks experience to the next level. Enjoy it as an after-meal treat or afternoon delight - you won't regret it!Β 

  • Ingredients:
  • Rice Flour
  • Natural Butter
  • Sea Salt
  • Red Chili Powder
  • Chana Dal
  • Sunflower Oil

Shelf Life:Β 30 Days

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