Vellanki Foods - Sanna Boondi Mixture


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Vellanki Foods - Sanna Boondi Mixture

The Sanna Boondi Mixture From Vellanki Foods Is A Crispy, Crunchy Snacks Item For The Evening Snacks. The Festive Season Can Become Fun When A Plate Of Sanna Boondi Mixture Is Served With A Cup Of Steaming Hot Tea Or Coffee. This Mixture Is Served Especially During Diwali In South India.


Sanna Boondi Is A Spicy Version Of Boondi. The Snacks Are Made With

€¢ Cashew Nuts

€¢ Curry Leaves

€¢ Sunflower Oil

€¢ Red Chilli Powder

€¢ Gram Flour (Besan)


Vellanki Foods Is A Renowned Name In The Snacks And Confectionery Market Of South India. Bring This Pack Of Sanna Boondi Home This Season Because It

€¢ Comes With A Long Shelf Life Of 7 Days.

€¢ Available In 500Gm, 1Kg, And 2Kg Packets.

€¢ Is 100% Vegetarian And Can Be Served During Pooja.

€¢ Vellanki Foods Does Not Add Any Artificial Flavour Or Preservatives To The Sanna Boondi.

€¢ Made At A Hygienic Environment And The Ingredients Are Not Touched With Bare Hands.

€¢ Comes With A Homemade Richness As Made With High Quality Ingredients.


Sanna Boondi From Vellanki Foods Can Remain Fresh And Tasty For A Long Time Span If The Following Tips Are Followed.

€¢ Store The Sanna Boondi In An Airtight Container.

€¢ Keep At A Cool And Dry Place; Do Not Refrigerate.

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