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Zandu Sudarshan Ghanvati 40 & 100 Tab: 

Zandu Sudarshan Ghanvati is an ayurvedic clinical preparation infused with the goodness of Triphala, Haridra, karcura, pippali mool etc and many herbal ingredients to rescue the body from various health ailments. It is used for overall general wellness. It may help in reducing loss of appetite, and infections caused by weather changes. It is an ayurvedic remedy for allergies and pathogens. It may help in detoxification and blood purification. It is used under medical supervision and the dosage depends on age and gender. It is good for tridoshas.

Key Ingredients:

Triphala - Triphala resists the body from dangerous diseases causing germs and cells. The antioxidant properties may help reduce the oxidation of the body

Haridra - Haridra is a traditional clinical and herbal therapy, it  fights against outsiders, due to its antibacterial properties it resists infection-causing pathogens

Daruharidra - Daruharidra is tree turmeric that is enriched with vitamin c and has an ample number of antioxidants, anti-microbial properties, and antibacterial properties

Kantakari - Wonderful herb ideally beneficial for digestive problems, and other respiratory-related problems, and may help in healing seasonal infections

Karcura - This natural herb may help reduce muscle aches and other body aches

Pippali Mool - Pippali mool may help in healing indigestion problems, reduces diarrhoea, and reduces the symptoms of seasonal infections beforehand.

Key Benefits:

  • It reduces weakness and fatigue
  • It reduces seasonal illness
  • It is used for the general wellness of health
  • It improves healthy digestion
  • It reduces body aches and loss of appetite
  • It may also improve immunity power
  • It detoxifies the impurities


    1-2 tablets three times a day or as suggested by the Expert

    Sudarshan Ghanvati FAQ’s:

    1. Does zandu ghanvati cause side effects?

    No, zandu ghanvati causes no side effects, however, use it as prescribed, or else consult your Expert before using it.

    2. What is ghanvati?

    Ghanvati is a small-size ayurvedic clinical preparation which is beneficial for general wellness.

    3. Is Sudarshan ghanvati good for digestion?

    Yes, zandu Sudarshan may help improve the digestive system, helps reduce diarrhoea and other chronic ailments.

    4. How to use zandu sudarshan ghanvati for children?

    Zandu sudarshan ghanvati is safe for children, however one must be given sudarshan ghanvati depending on the age and gender, so it's better to use as directed by a Expert

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